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Visit Agios Matheos with Corfu City Cars - Car Rental

Agios Mattheos is a town in Corfu island nestled in a lush and attractive forest on the slopes of Mount Gamilios.

People love to visit Corfu since it is one of those magical islands. Agios Mattheos is a Greek town nestled in a lush and attractive forest on the slopes of Mount Gamilios. It is bordered by stone structures and has a number of peaceful beaches. It is a fantastic choice for anybody visiting the Greek Islands because of its attractive landscape and relaxing environment.

Getting to the village of Agios Mattheos

Scheduled flights from Athens to Corfu are available many times a day on Aegean or Olympic Airlines. The flight is generally about an hour long. Every day, boats from Igoumenitsa, which is located on Greece's mainland, run both traditional and "rapid" ferries. Traveling by boat to Corfu takes less than an hour at its slowest. Our fleet of new cars will be there to serve you as always. For bookings contact directly

The new Ionian motorway, which runs across western Greece, may also be used to go from Athens to Corfu. However, because it is not the quickest way to Corfu, this alternative is only for individuals who enjoy lengthy, picturesque rides. You can easily access the village via rental vehicle, taxi, or public transit after you arrive in Corfu. If you utilize public transit, you may have to walk a short distance once you get at the bus stop.

About the village of Agios Mattheos

The village's population is estimated to be around 1500 people, the majority of whom work in agriculture or in the village's vineyard. There are both antique and modern structures here, as well as stunning cathedrals and monasteries. There is just one paved road in the area. Our office is on the entrance of the village.

What to do in the village of Agios Mattheos

You'll undoubtedly want to explore the sights while you're in the hamlet. Here are a few things you can do while you're here:

Gardiki castle

The Castle of Gardiki is notably Byzantine in style and famed for the formidable fort with which it is ringed, although not being totally preserved in its former state. It has many other ancient edifices, each with its own architectural features, in addition to the main castle. It is situated in the heart of the Village's olive groves and exudes an antique ambience that many visitors find appealing.

Cave of Grava

Grava Cave is an intriguing feature on Corfu, and a road branching out of the hamlet in the other direction of the beach leads to it. Artifacts, old tools, and animal bones have been uncovered at Grava Cave, indicating that people lived in the Paleolithic era. When visiting Agios Matheos village, this location is well worth seeing.


The beach of Agios Mattheos is only a few kilometers from the old village community and is popular with both visitors and locals. Halikounas Beach is also close by, but owing to its placement on the edge of one of the area's tallest mountains, it is usually more remote. Both beaches are well-kept and have the small pebbles and white sand that are synonymous with Greece.

Between April and May, or any time between early September and late November, is the finest time to visit Agios Mattheos village. The Mediterranean, on the other hand, is known for its consistently lovely weather. As a result, regardless of when one travels, it is a fantastic place. Agios Mattheos village is a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a pleasant holiday spot in Greece because of its laid-back ambiance and friendly locals. will be there for you with new cars-low mileage and a big smile.

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