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Top 15 things to do in Corfu island

Corfu City Cars | Car Rental in Corfu
Corfu City Cars | Car Rental in Corfu

With so many unforgettable things to do in Corfu, one visit is never enough.

Its true fact that many locations in Europe are worth visiting and they are offering nice beaches and relaxing atmosphere for summer vacations, but very few of them are in the list of return-back-as-soon-as-possible one more time. Corfu is one of such locations! This is particularly right when it comes to the greatest things to do in Corfu, which are scattered over the island.

Additionally, the island is steeped with history. Corfu was ruled by the Venetians from 1386 until 1797, a time where they were developed many of its most exquisite buildings. From 1815 until 1864, it was administered by the British, along with the rest of the Ionian Islands. Corfu Airport is located five kilometers south of the town of Corfu. Plan your journey with our guide to Corfu's greatest attractions.

Let's explore the best things to do and places to visit in Corfu:

How to navigate in Corfu?

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Corfu is located in Greece's extreme northwest corner, right off the shore of Albania's land border. It is the second-largest Ionian island, when combined with its little neighboring islands. Corfu served as a haven for shipwrecked Odysseus and other visitors throughout history. Since the eighth century BC, its gorgeous coastline, grassy hills, and sparkling bays have drew travelers. Corfu is strategically located and has been battled for ages. Corfu town is the only Greek city surrounded by fortresses and one of the few to have resisted the Ottomans. Corfu stayed under Venetian hands rather than surrendering to the Ottoman conquest, which gives it a completely distinct vibe than some of the other Greek Islands.

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